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Assassination Rogue

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Some Interesting Statistics
Legion Season 1 started on 20th September 2016 and is currently 6 weeks into the season

Total Games Recorded 21,830,489
Games Recorded this Week 555,833
New Players this Week
Recommended Twitch Streamer (Slightly Biased) Check out Jinngo (Rank 1 DK) at twitch.tv/jinngo
Rank 1 and Gladiator Cutoff Rating Increase since Reset EU 4 and 0 respectively
US 45 and 7 respectively
Biggest Rating Difference in the past 7 days (2.4k+) Urshy between 2443 and 2874 with a difference of 431! (eu)
Abn with a difference of 431 between 2443 and 2874! (us)
Most Popular Healer (Past Hour) Mistweaver Monk
Most Popular DPS (Past Hour) Frost Mage
Most Popular Class (Past Hour) Monk
Most Games Played (Week)
Sadmofugu with 574 in the past 7 days
Haucu with 157 today!

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