Historical Data Season 24

Legion Season 6 Season 24

Season Start 29-November-2017
Season End 21-March-2018
Season Lasted 17 Weeks
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Blizzard have not yet provided the final cutoffs. We are displaying the latest extract below

Snapshots to appear in the near future

EU - 3v3
Title Rating Rating
Fierce Gladiator 3079 2992
Gladiator 2786 2740
Duelist 2299 2230
Rival 2006 1952
Challenger 1664 1638
US - 3v3
Title Rating Rating
Fierce Gladiator 2954 2962
Gladiator 2705 2699
Duelist 2219 2229
Rival 1966 1987
Challenger 1651 1662

Season Title Change Graph


If a player is missing, please provide us with the name and realm for us to follow up and investigate

Rank Region Player Season Played W L W% Rating
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