Title Cut Offs Updated every 20 minutes
Note : Since End of Season 1 the API has not been working properly (As can be seen from Player Activity Page)
As such it is not possible to even produce overall cutoffs currently untill Blizard fix their API (and perhaps add Factions too...!)


Legion Season 3 started on 29th March 2017 and is currently 9 weeks into the season

Title Changes

Unfortunately Blizzard have changed their API behaviour which is preventing live player tracking and calculating CutOffs.

This first occured on the day Legion Season 1 Ended on the US which then had knock-on effects for the last day of EU Season 1.

We will display all the data we can and list the cutoffs below when they are available.

For the time being, please make Blizzard aware (As we have been) that this is a feature you wish to have

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