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Scans 2v2,3v3,5v5 and RBG Leaderboards (Via Blizzard API) every 3 minutes, differences are stored in a database where 1 difference counts as 1 game.
(Most common reason for the live tracking not to be working is due to battle.net being down)

If you're looking for data extracts for Arenas, contact us with a date range and the information you are after
Note that tracking began on 2015-09-13 and there may have been periods of downtime.

If you are interested in giving us a helping hand, we are after the following:

- Historical Ladder Data in a text format (Not screenshots) - (For all Seasons, Preferably S14 onwards)
- Website Translations (Contact us)
- Ideas! We are open to any suggestions, what do you want to see here?!
- Anything! If you feel you can help out with something not mentioned, contact us!

Contact us using the link on the side menu - Thank you

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