Quick Player PvP Lookup Quickly Return Achievement/Statistic data of any player

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If you spot any issues, let us know

Enter player details in the format 'playerName-playerRealm' and select the appropriate region on the right
If the player appears in the armory, then they should appear below - If they do not appear, contact us with the player name and realm so that we can chase the issue.

It takes around 5 seconds to receive a response from Blizzard - Note the loading bar above.
You can make additional requests whiles waiting for previous request to load


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Current Highest
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3v3 {{contact.pvp_stats.3v3.current}} {{contact.pvp_stats.3v3.highest}}
rbg {{contact.pvp_stats.rbg.current}} {{contact.pvp_stats.rbg.highest}}
Weapon Average
ilvl {{contact.gear.weapon}} {{contact.gear.average}}
Traits {{contact.gear.traits}}

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